Who is Yana?

I don’t mean to incriminate anyone, but when I was 11, my sister got me a pirated version of Photoshop* for my birthday, and I learnt how to make postcards for my family. Gradually that evolved into an actual graphic design course, and before I knew it I was designing brand identities, print materials, and websites.

I’ve been an independent graphic designer and art director for over 6 years now, and have worked for start-ups, agencies, and clients from all over the globe (while enjoying sunny Lisbon).

When I’m not designing, I like to eat ramen, pet my golden retriever Skype, and try to learn guitar.


*I pay for my software now.



graphic design, art direction, visual identity systems, print materials, visual concepts, web design.


Some of my clients:

Framestudio, Petite B&Bs, J.W. Thompson Lisbon, Shot&Cut, Madpizza, Hygge Kaffe, däagiv, Macau Lifestyle, Michelle Bond, Vector Mais, Grupo FAF, Olesya Romano, Cognissima, BYOU, Gonçalo Castelo Soares, Sónia Guerreiro, Zerkalo, Luigi Di Domenico, Iberlínguas